The Monthly Create My Own Fairy Tale™

Dr John DeMartiniObom Bowen (aka Doctor Love) is an internationally acclaimed relationship Expert, best-selling award winning author, highly sought after guest on radio and television shows, as professional speaking engagements. Obom holds a Ph.D. inhuman Behavior and Psychology and has been counseling individuals, couples and groups for over two decades. Using his clinically proven Core Awareness™ method, Obom has been helping people mend and heal relationships to create lasting love and fulfilling commitment.

Having a remarkable ability to break down complex psychological principles and theories into steps that are easy to understand and apply, Obom has helped thousands of people get to the root of the issue and completely transform their lives bringing about more love, more joy, more peace and more fulfilling relationships.

Obom continues his research in what makes relationships fail or flourish, and brings that knowledge and experience to his books, his speaking engagements, his national radio shows and to private clients.

After experiencing the loss of his first marriage of almost 14 years, Obom wrote Passion 365: How to Ignite lasting Joy in your Marriage Daily, in which he shares his revolutionary Attraction and Manifesting the perfect spouse for you. This new method enables those who are single or married to attract or create the ideal FairyTale marriage for them and their partner.

He also conducts Fairy Tale Retreats around the world and at his home in Atlanta Georgia, to work in-person with those who wish to learn how to reconnect, Recapture, Reclaim or Renew the ideal love they are seeking.

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My wife and I were fighting all the time, and I was sure our marriage was over. Obom helped me understand how my words and actions were hurting my wife and actually triggering the Old Scars from her first family. Then, Obom showed me what to say and do differently in order to help my wife heal these Old Scars. For the first time in our 25- year marriage, my wife actually feels like I’m on her side. And the fighting has magically stopped. We are eternally grateful to Obom for saving our marriage. Dr. Michael D.

I came to Obom after having attempted suicide. I was so depressed because I couldn’t seem to stop choosing partners who cheat on me. Obom helped me to uncover and heal the cause of this pattern. I met a wonderful man, married him, and we have lived, quite literally, happily ever after. Thank you Obom for saving my life! Dawn W.

CoachingMy wife and I lived a sexless marriage for nearly 15 years! There was so much hurt and anger on both our parts. Obom patiently uncovered the real cause of the problem and resolved it. Who could have ever imagined that my wife and I could feel like newlyweds again in our 40s! In truth, our love is stronger now than ever.

Thank you,

Obom! Keith B.