Don’t Complain for what you Allow!

Only Those closest too you, can ever talk you out of your greatness.

We’re all perfectly designed, with the same potential to arrive at greatness. Those who arrive there (Achieving their Greatness) simply paid attention to the reason they were put on this earth. (their WHY)

The only REASON others never achieve their Greatness is simple. They listen to the voices, the voices of care, the voices of reasons, the voices of fear; but more importantly they listen to the voices of Doubt.

DOUBT is the #1 cause of failure. Doubt is a state of mind in suspension between FAITH and (unbelief) is also known as FEAR. Fear it self is the anticipation of a future PAIN. (In the Marine Corp’s the saying goes “No Pain, No Gain”) this is a psychological barrier helping Marines immediately overcome FEAR!

In every situation it’s our Husbands, Wives, Mom’s, Dad’s, Brother’s, Sisters and those whom we hold close even mentor’s who are not capable of seeing YOUR vision (your WHY) which God has given you, are the ones holding you HOSTAGE to meritocracy.

However, they are only holding you there because you’ve allowed them to do so; by not exercising your own FAITH (faith is the knowing: it’s the substance of all things not yet seen) and by not exercising FAITH we give up accountability in our pursuit of greatness.


The truth is, if someone doesn’t believe in their own abilities to do something, they tell you that you can’t do it. If you believe that to the slightest creating DOUBT which leads to FEAR, then you have given up accountability for your own GREATNESS.


Typically 99% of the world then turn to Blaming the person or organisations for their misfortune. As you can see, they ALLOWED IT. Now you know the truth, my task to you if your reading this is simple. you understand the secret to greatness. Go forward today and share this post and be a blessing to someone else.

Instructions moving FORWARD:




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