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My dear friends, If you are married, in a relationship, dating or single and thinking about getting out there and dating again this weekend program will teach you…

  • how to keep your relationship alive, vibrant and growing for as long as you want
  • how to be happy with yourself and in your relationships
  • the different ways that people approach communicating and relationships
  • to overcome fear and be the person that you want and find the person that you want to be with.

Whatever stage you’re at, or whatever issues you’re facing, Professional Matchmakers Obom & Ana Bowen teamed up to create The Relationship Retreat. We brought together some of the most exciting and experienced relationship experts in the world and created the first ever of its kind relationship workshop that will give you more than just tips and tricks to improve your relationships today…we get to the heart of the matter with solid, inspiring stories and advice that will improve your relationships for a lifetime! In this time of change and economic uncertainty many of us are coming to understand that what truly matters most is who we’ve loved and who we have in our life. Our speakers have learned through experience, have successful relationships, know how important they are and want you to know too!

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How do I attract the partner/relationship I really want?

  • How can I find and maintain happy, fulfilling relationships?
  • How can I fill my life with love whether I’m in a relationship or not?
  • What’s the best way to keep the spark and love alive in a relationship?
  • How can men and women really communicate with one another effectively?
  • What action should I take today to ensure I achieve the relationship of my dreams tomorrow?

Imagine how uplifting it will be to listen to the brightest, most intuitive, visionary relationship experts in the world telling you what works, what doesn’t work, and what you can do today to improve your relationships and improve your life.

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